Public Scholarship


Radio and podcast Appearances:

·      Brian Lehrer Show (WNYC): The Citzenship of Native Americans (with Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz) (7/18/2017)

·      Out in the Open (CBC): How wearing a headdress to Coachella ignited a debate about the line between shaming and educating (5/28/2017)

·      Represent (Slate): Revisiting Dances with Wolves (2/3/2017):

·      Another Round (Buzzfeed): Water Protectors and Fear Allerton (11/22/16)

·      Another Round (Buzzfeed): Stay in Your Lane (9/29/15)

·      Here and Now (NPR): New Exhibit Highlights Native American Fashion (11/23/15)

·      WUNC: Native Appropriations and New Media (5/31/15)

·      All Points West (CBC): Cowichin Sweaters and Cultural Appropriation (1/30/15)

·      Native America Calling: Costume Controversy (10/31/12), Racism online (10/4/13)

·      The Takeaway (WNYC): The Politics of Johnny Depp as Tonto (7/3/13)

·      Tell me more (NPR): Powwow Party Flub leads to fashion line (8/12/13)

·      Art Beat Santa Fe (KVSF): Paul Frank and IAIA Collaboration (8/13/13)

·      Whisper n Thunder Radio Show (online): Education in Indian Country (8/23/13)

·      DNTO (CBC): When did your clothing cause a crisis? (3/23/12)